School Travel Plan

School Travel Plan

Update on Pedestrian Crossovers (PXO's) around Emily Carr

There is a new pedestrian crossover along Blackacres between Yardley and Edgehill.  This PXO connects the trail to the school path.  Of course there is also a PXO in front of the school which has a Crossing Guard before and after school.  Even when the crossing guard is not there, vehicles must stop for pedestrians.

Did you know that drivers may be fined up to $1000 and four demerit points for offences at pedestrian crossovers?

Remember that pedestrians have the right of way at PXOs; drivers and cyclists must stop behind the yield line and wait until the pedestrian completely crosses the road before proceeding.  All road users must obey PXO rules, laws are in effect around the clock.

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Snow Removal On City Paths/Sidewalks Around School

The City of London works hard to maintain the sidewalks and pathways leading up to and around the school throughout the winter.  Should you notice the paths are icy and snow-covered making walking conditions dangerous, please inform Josh Morgan at or the city at 

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